Pre Construction Pest Control Service

We provide both Pre Construction Pest Control Service and Post Construction Pest Control Service

Pre Construction Pest Control Service include following steps:

1st Stage: Soil treatment should start when foundation trenches and pits are ready to take mass concrete in foundations.  The bottom surface and the sites of the excavations made for masonry foundation and the basement shall be treated with 5 ltr. Chemical solution /
2d Stage: After the masonry foundation and the retaining wall come up the backfill in immediate contact with the foundation structure shall be treated. (7.5 ltr. Chemical solution/
3rd Stage: Before laying the floor the top surface of the consolidated earth shall be treated

Fully prepared & certified:

  • Professionally trained expert
  • Passed courses for safe use of rodent and insect control products
  • Following all health & safety regulations

Against all infestations:

  • Quick to recognise the infestation signs and determine the pest species
  • Evaluating the problem to find the quickest pest control solution
  • Applying the latest effective methods for proofing and prevention

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